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Spint kayak



The boat ia made accordance with technical requirements of ICF.

The hull is sandwish construction with several of entirety layers of composit material by special composite system with expoxy resin and vacuum mulding and heat treatment.accitonal reinforced with installation parts.


The kayak's hull is seated and deep-seated universal (collapsible) an emphasis with a foot stopper made of carbon fiber. Emphasis For legs adjustable in angle: with this function, the angle of inclination The leg restraint should be installed at least 15 different positions. Rear support for carbon stop: 100% aluminum, weight - 120 grams. Platform for sliyd: fully Adjustable parts that allow you to make adjustments from 0, 375 cm to 14 cm.  Equipped with a steering system for sprint races - matching tiller, nylon rope with fast controlled clamps, hydrodynamic steering feather. The bottom of the case is equipped with two metal profiles for the rigid installation of balancing weights 

According to different mould and material construction, weight is different,but with ICF weight. 

The cover on the boat must be made of thick waterproof synthetic fiber with internal layer of soft synthetic coating, the cover must be It is equipped with a large zipper-closure for closing. The size The bag for the cover must correspond to the size of the folded bag, bag should be equipped with handles, zippers for fastening, a side pocket for storage of a rudder and stops.

 The kayaking apron must be made of technological membrane waterproof fabric.

Spint kayak:k1,k2,k4

Structures Options:
1) Elite A++: hybrid carbon fabric/core mat with honeycomb decks/seat decks
2) Elite A+: verall carbon/Kevlar/Nomex honeycomb
3) Racer A: overall Kevlar/Nomex honeycomb
4) racer D+: Extra Carbon Foam Epoxy with fibgerglass coremat sandwich constructions
5) Club C: Trainer: carbon reinforced, fiberglass/ coremat with honeycomb decks/seat decks
4) Dimensions: ask us for details 
5) Weight: standard: ICF

6) Details weight check weight table.

The boat ia made accordance with technical requirements of ICF.
The hull is sandwish construction with several of entirety layers of composit material by special composite system with expoxy resin and vacuum mulding and heat treatment.accitonal reinforced with installation parts.