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Fiberglass SUP Boards

Fiberglass SUP Boards

Size:10'*32"*4 1/2",

Weight:about 10KG.

Materials: EPS foam, and fiberglass and epoxy resin.

Construction: 2*6oz fiberglass.

Type: customer designed  on the top and the bottom.

Package size: 320*80*20 per package,12KG per pcs package.  

Options accessories(add extral price):

1. Footpads

2. Foot ropes

3. Tail fins

4. Adjustable plastic paddles

5.SUP bags

Size:10'*32"*4 1/2",

Weight:about 10KG. 

Materials: EPS foam, and fiberglass and epoxy resin.

Construction: 2*6oz fiberglass. 

Type: customer designed  on the top and the bottom.