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Eights Rowing

Technology and quality:

  1. vacuum technology

  2. 3 layer sandwich layup

Outside layer: corresponding material according to structures options, wearproof and UV resistance high polished surface and waterproof

Middle layer: corresponding material according to structures options and for the boat body stability and stiffness

Inside layer: corresponding material according to structures options, wearproof and UV resistance, slip resistance surface


Structures Options:

1) Elite A++: hybrid carbon fabric/core mat with honeycomb decks/seat decks

2) Elite A+: verall carbon/Kevlar/Nomex honeycomb

3) Racer A: overall Kevlar/Nomex honeycomb

4)Racer B: Extra Carbon Foam Epoxy with coremat  sandwich constructions

3) Club: Trainer: carbon reinforced, fiberglass/ coremat with honeycomb decks/seat decks

4) Dimensions: please refer to the official websitewww.synsunsports.com

5) Weight: standard: Racer 1X 14kg, 2X/- 27kg, 4X/+/- 52kg, 8+ 96kg


  Details weight check weight table.


Fittings parameters::

1) All metal work from aerospace grade stainless steel and aluminum

2) Carbon sliding seats

3) Sea grade anodized aluminum slides, adjustable

4) Adjustable rowing gates with high strength Nylon oarlocks and stainless steel pin

5) Foot stretcher fully adjustable with famous brand sports rowing shoes



Rigger options: we have different riggers for options, check

1) Aluminum tube /euro riggers

2) Aluminum tube /euro riggers without backstay

3) Aluminum wing riggers

4) Aluminum wing riggers no backstay

5) Carbon wing riggers

6) carbon wing rigger no backstay

7) aluminum quick released wing rigger



Bubble plastic sheet


Model(Single scull)    Length(cm)    Width(cm)    Crew weight(kg)
E1-1    775    42    57-75
F1-1    790    40    57-80
E1-2    810    42.5    75-85
E1-3    828    43    85-100
Model(Double scull)    Length(cm)    Width(cm)    Crew weight(kg)
E2-1    930    43.8    57-70
F2-1    940    43    57-80
E2-2    960    47    70-85
E2-3    995    49.5    85-100
Model(Rowing boat 4X)    Length(cm)    Width(cm)    Crew weight(kg)
E4-1    1178    52    57-85
E4-4    1286    54.3    80-100
Model(Rowing boat 8+)    Length(cm)    Width(cm)    Crew weight(kg)
E8-1    1736    58.5    70-80
E8-2    1763    60.8    80-100
Model(coast rowing 1X)    Length(cm)    Width(cm)    MAX Capacity (kg)
CR-1    413    62    130
Model(RECREATIONALrowing 1X)    Length(cm)    Width(cm)    MAX Capacity (kg)
RR-1    490    61    110



Eights Rowing Boat